Social responsibility
We help. We support. We care.

And no tree without sunshine.

The real beauty of life is finding
a balance of light and shadow.

May you have plenty of both.
Planting a tree will help.


We are helping our Kras

Happy 2023 with 2023 new trees


Kras is our home.

In the summer, it was affected by a severe fire.
Firefighters fought it for 17 days, and 3,600 ha of a beautiful, unique forest burned. 

We want to help. 

Therefore, we joined the project of rebuilding the burnt Kras. We have signed a commitment to support the project in the long term.

We contributed €5,500.00 for the purchase of 2023 seedlings.

We will donate 1500 hours of our work – 220 employees will participate for a whole day in a renovation action.

And we will continue tomorrow.


On Friday, November 25, 2022, Nika and Anej Furlan, on behalf of the company Intra lighting, signed the Commitment to a sustainable restoration of the fire-damaged Kras Plateau.


Rebuilding kras
Because we care.
Commitment to a sustainable restoration of the fire-damaged Karst Plateau

We are coming together with the shared goal of contributing to the sustainable restoration of the huge area ravaged by the biggest wildfire in Slovenia’s history.

We will be supporting the initiative to repair the Karst’s green areas, restoring the forests and the entire ecosystem of one of Europe’s most biodiverse areas:

✓  because we care about nature and human health;
✓  because we want to bring back the diversity of animal and plant species and restore the natural environment in the Nature 2000 region;
✓  because this project will enable future generations to enjoy this unspoiled, green Karst region as we once did;



✓  because we respect the historical heritage of our ancestors and wish to maintain the characteristic features of the Karst landscapes, such as the stonewalls which provide protection from the wind and wildfires;
✓  because we want to support reforestation research in favour of fire-affected areas;
✓  because we are well aware of the great importance of preserving forests to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, as every tree helps to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  


Together we can do anything.

We understand that reforestation is a long-term process and that is why we sign this pledge, expressing our commitment to supporting the Green Heart of Karst project in various ways in the years to come. 

Everyone has a part to play and together we can do anything.



We planted the first seedlings ...

But this is only the beginning.