Light can
activate sales.
Design: Gigodesign

Modern retail shops cannot afford to be uniform.
To provoke the desired response of buyers,
sections with high sales potential have to be
enhanced in the right way.

Hunter spot is designed to make your products
stand out and help you create a desirable overall
brand experience.


Showing only what needs to be seen.


Illuminate what's important and create a focal point, that cannot be ignored.
Driver is integrated into the ceiling cup
A flat ceiling cup is available as well, but in that case the driver must be ordered separately and positioned remotly.

Choose the right beam angle

Choose narrow-angle for focus and contracts or wider angle for more uniform illumination.

Let the colors POP! 

Perfect color match and reproduction across the spectrum.
CRI 85
CRI 95
Vivid COB
High chromatic LEDs targeted for making objects more vivid and tuning the light emitting spectrum
Warm crispy
Bread, cheese, pastries, wine
Fresh rose
Meat, salami, flowers
Warm vivid
Fruit, vegetable, pastries
Fish, seafood, jewelery, cosmetics
See tech specs
See tech specs
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