That’s the thin line everybody talks
Design: Janez Mesarič - Mashoni

They say it’s a thin line between elegance and confidence, but we say that there doesn’t need to be any line at all, and have this all together. Thanks to its technological flexibility, Vitka is one of our most elegant luminaires, without even asking for the title. 

Discover the variety of Vitka’s applications when you’re creating an office, a reception, a hospitality or at home, and prepare to a big surprise made by such a small luminaire.


So thin,
it's almost invisible
It's surprising how powerful this thin, minimalistic,
yet elegant line it is. Comes with a flat canopy,
and adjustable suspension and power cables.
Vitka S

A top notch,
yet simple

Vitka SQ
Attention to detail
A regressed light source with rounded
edges for pleasing illumination.
Available in black or white colour finish.

24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
additional options on request
Flat canopy
Canopy can be selected in white
or black colour finish. Driver must
be positioned remotely.
See tech specs
ViTka suspended
See tech specs