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Green Energy

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»We have always been responsible towards the environment and people. A concern for what kind of world we will leave to our children has always been present in everything we do. We were not guided by regulations; we were guided by conscience and consciousness. Today we support all efforts towards sustainable development even more.«

Marjeta and Marino Furlan,
owners and founders of the company







Our sustainable goals







Circular and human 
friendly products

• Products supporting people’s well-being
• Responsible use of materials
• Material and data transparency
• Energy-efficient products
• Repairability, prolonging products life
• Design for disassembly
• High recyclability



Healthy living and
improved well-being
with light

• Human-centric lighting solutions
• Supporting health, positive feelings
and motivation
• All-in-one acoustics solutions
• Smart use of artificial and natural light
• Connection with different LMS systems



Sustainable and
ethical company

• Becoming a net zero company
• High ethical standards
• Environmental-friendly production
• Responsible supplier choice
• A caring employer
• Care for local community

Access our complete Sustainability guide and find out more about circular and human-friendly lighting products and our commitment to sustainability.




Up to 80% of products' environmental impacts
are determined at the design phase.

Source: Design Council, 2002


PRO Optics
Brings out colour and creates
contrast in the ambient.
Learn more about active cooling



Circular and human friendly


• long-lasting products
• durability
• sourcing within Europe
• energy efficient products
• servicing and prolonged life
• design for disassembly
• industy average EPD
• acoustic lighting and noise reduction
• biophilic design
• material choice and sourcing


Our actions towards a carbon neutral company

We travel the world, but we shorten the distances to suppliers and we choose them responsibly. We breath in new life in old degraded buildings. We reduce waste and increase the recyclability of our products.

We are 100 % powered by green energy. We live in contact with nature, we planted more than 2023 trees.

With light, where it is needed, when it is needed and as much as needed, we improve people's well-being, stimulate their power and craetivity.

Sustainability in a company must go beyond certification. It's a way of life.



Our factory

  • 01 Made in Europe
  • 02 By 2025 100% solar power
  • 03 In-house manufacturing
  • 04 Made to order
  • 05 High quality standards
  • 06 100% tested products
  • 07 Powder coating system
  • 08 Waste management on high level
  • 09 Rainwater harvesting
  • 10 Happy employees



Made in Europe


By 2025 100% solar power


In-house manufacturing


Made to order


High quality standards


100% tested products


Powder coating system


Waste management on high level


Rainwater harvesting


Happy employees

The change
is possible

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Join us, we can all contribute. If we want to move forward, we will have to transform many things. Be prepared to change. Take care of nature. Reimagine the future.


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