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Sustainability Guide
Find out more about circular and human-friendly lighting products and our commitment to sustainability.






Lighting guidebooks





Office illumination

This guide sheds light on factors affecting employee well-being, the impact of lighting & trends in office design. Find out how to design a workplace where employees want to be by clicking the button below.


Health & Care
illumination guide

The lighting of a hospital room is very complex, as it has to strike a balance between the needs of patients and medical staff. Discover how lighting affects human lives and download the guide.







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Architectural and
design platforms

We are, where you are. Get inspired, create mood boards and explore our products and projects.

Find us on: Archiproducts, Architonic, Bimobject.comLove that Design and Pinterest.


BIM library

BIM offers an intelligent 3D process to efficiently plan, design and construct throughout the building life cycle, to support and manage your projects easily. A wide range of our products is available in 3D BIM at BIM object library.

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7-year warranty

Reliability and quality are among the most recognizable characteristics of the Intra lighting products. Having confidence in the high-quality, we provide also a 7-year warranty for all our products since April 2018.

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Complaint form

Our high-quality products and solutions are designed to give satisfaction for many years. If a reason for a complaint occurs, we see it as an opportunity to alter the quality of our products and services. For more information, contact Customer care department.








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